Enable Infrastructure leads the ‘charge’ with the installation of a new Project Manager for EV Charging, Kit Lock

Enable Infrastructure leads the ‘charge’ with the installation of a new Project Manager for EV Charging, Kit Lock

25 January 2022

Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM Construction) has been joined by Kit Lock as the new project manager for electric vehicle (EV) charging, heading up our design and construction pipeline. Following Enable Infrastructure’s entry into this embryonic market with a new client, his appointment brings a wealth of experience across construction in IT leadership, project management and, since 2017, a specialism in EV charging.

His experience in construction started when he was plucked by a Bedford firm, SDC Builders, as an IT apprentice. Working as part of a team serving over 500 users, he rapidly built expertise with data connections in technology such as CCTV. Qualifying with an outstanding grade in his NVQ, Kit then advanced to more expensive projects and aged 24 became a project manager supervising various refurbishments in Oxford.

After a decade at SDC Builders, a pivotal moment came in 2017 when he stood in the centre circle of Abbey Stadium, home of Cambridge United. In attendance as a guest of CityFibre, the matchday sponsors, Kit was asked what he thought of electric vehicles (EVs). Having previously not given it much consideration, this question would present an evolution in his professional trajectory. For Kit, a light bulb moment struck the moment he was told “wherever you park a vehicle… it will need to be plugged in!”. Conducting further research and convinced of the opportunities EV charging would herald, he left SDC Builders and surged ahead with pioneering work to bring about the change he believed was inevitable.

Within just 18 months of flicking the on switch, he had tapped into a commercial current of high-voltage projects and contracts for the likes of Travis Perkins, the MG group, FedEx, Saint Gobain Group, and led a team that was Tier 1 and lead installers for premium EV charging manufacturers across the UK. Then COVID hit supercharging the business with both domestic customers and corporate clients alike turning towards electricity as a sustainable, and cheap energy source. All they needed was easy access; the installation of which Kit has a proven track record of delivering.

Outside of work, Kit plugs off by indulging in his twin passion of football and rugby as a newly amped Newcastle United fan and Bedford Blues supporter. He is also very much the outdoorsman with a love of sailing, camping, history of Scout leadership, and taking his young family and dogs for adventures. He is engaged, a father to a 10-month-old boy and calls Milton Keynes home though he still retains a powerful affinity through family to Newcastle – his place of birth.

Enable Infrastructure is delighted to have Kit at the helm of what should be exciting and energising work, electrifying our mission to create social value through successful infrastructure projects.