Group Services



Our Finance team are the unsung heroes who keep the business ticking over, playing an essential role in keeping the lights on and the bank accounts in credit. The team includes colleagues at all stages of their accountancy careers, and we understand the importance of career progression. We have a number of chartered accountants and are mentoring part-qualified younger accountants through their ACCA, CIMA and AAT qualifications.  

Among many other tasks, our Finance team handle banking; supplier & vendor payments; cash receipts & cash forecasting; payroll; preparation of management accounts; internal project auditing; consolidation of subsidiary accounts; HMRC liaison; quarterly business reporting; preparation of annual accounts and liaising with external auditors; insurance, and continuous improvement of our accounting systems.  


Our Supply Chain & Procurement team currently handle the purchasing of some £20 million worth of materials and equipment each year. And, as we are a growing business, this number is on the up! They are a dynamic bunch, working hard to ensure our project delivery teams have all the kit they need – and at just the time they need it.  

Some items are standard call-off or repeat orders, which the team set up. Others can be random one-off requirements, even customised bespoke items. We purchase large quantities of specialist electrical substation equipment and industrial cables, where factory acceptance-testing and other demanding requirements are the norm. 

This team also manage our supply chain and supplier approval. This involves regular engagement with our key suppliers, including periodic visits to conduct audits in order to ensure compliance with our supplier agreements. We use the highly advanced platform, Source Dogg, to manage our supply chain partners.


Our HSQES team is three teams rolled into one!  

Health, Safety & Wellbeing: These are the highly experienced professionals who provide our businesses and those working on specific projects with expert advice on how to avoid physical injury and damage. We take safety extremely seriously and are proud to have co-developed one of the most advanced Root Cause Analysis Tools in the industry. At Enable, we believe in leading indicators and we use data from our projects to guide our preventative action strategies: if we ever mess up, we quickly ‘fess up’ and learn from our mistakes. HS&W have an incredibly difficult job, predicting the future, educating the masses, convincing the invincible that they are vulnerable, and educating our people about wellbeing. No two days are the same!  

Quality & Compliance: We are a highly accredited organisation, and of that we are proud. However, with accreditations come external audits – and lots of them! Our Quality & Compliance team keep us on the straight and narrow, ensuring we are always complying with our operating licences and accreditations. This is no mean feat, with new requirements coming on stream all the time. Recent additions to our accreditations portfolio are the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) and ISO44001 Standard for Collaborative Working.  

As well as overseeing the constant and continual improvement of our standard operating procedures, our Quality & Compliance team has externally based professionals proactively monitoring the quality of work out there in the field.   

In short, it’s thanks to the essential contribution of our Quality & Compliance team that we can operate in the safety-critical infrastructure environments where so much of our work takes place. And it’s because of the team’s work that we maintain our reputation for delivering high-quality projects and for getting things right first time.  

Environment & Sustainability: Here we have a team who increasingly find themselves at the top of every agenda due to the climate emergency our planet is facing. We consider ourselves an environmentally responsible organisation and we truly want to play our part in combatting global warming by adopting and integrating greener and cleaner methods of operating. We work with an external accrediting partner, The Planet Mark, to measure our environmental and social impact; they also help us develop appropriate action plans and a strategic pathway to Net Zero.  

Our Environment & Sustainability team own our sustainable business plan and work with the Enable Board in creating targets and implementing strategies for: carbon reduction; waste reduction; sustainable supply chain development and social value impact. They also support our delivery teams, ensuring projects do not adversely affect natural habitats and providing biodiversity strategies. 

Our small but growing Environment & Sustainability team are currently looking for new recruits with a keen interest in this field.  


Our HR team include HR generalists, recruitment professionals and social value partners. Developing and implementing an HR strategy that includes attraction, onboarding, engagement, development, retention, offboarding, separation and social value is important – and never more so than in the challenging economic climate of today. Our growth plans are ambitious, our environment is heavily regulated, and our stakeholders expect the best from us. Aligning ourselves to our company values – Collaboration, Productivity & Efficiency, Safety and Wellbeing, Proactive Ownership Mindset, and Continuous Improvement – we aim for operational excellence and work as a strategic partner, identifying and creating marketplace value, while also delivering individual, leadership and organisation competence.  

Oh, and the best bit; HR is represented at Board-level. This means the insights and data the team present are strategically connected to business priorities, so that people management and internal culture, leadership, and values are front and centre of the agenda.   


Our business relies heavily on technology, and every department and subsidiary within our group depends on our software systems for its daily operations. As our core platform, we operate on Microsoft Office 365, using SharePoint for our intranet. We have customised software systems at the heart of each operation, such as a Microsoft Dynamics Nav product for our commercial and finance systems. In total, we operate 16 software systems to support functionality such as CRM, Hire Control, Resourcing, HRM, Planning, and CAD, to name but a few.  

Information security is important to us and to our customers, so we have adopted the Cyber Essentials Plus standard for IT security.  

We have an amazing IT team who ensure that all colleagues are kitted out with the most up-to-date equipment. The team handle day-to-day problem-solving and IT support; they manage software licensing, and they evaluate software systems to ensure ease of integration and of data management within the business, as well as the software’s suitability for the job. 

One of our core values is to continuously improve our business. Since there are not many improvement projects that don’t rely on some IT input, this team is invaluable to our business and is an exciting team to work in, too. 


Our Marketing team shepherd, nurture and develop our brand identities while leading internal and external communication across Enable. We are a fast-moving ‘Team of Teams’, with our marketing activities capturing and communicating through our various channels the many developments taking place throughout the business every week. This team are self-starters who roll up their sleeves to create fresh content for our businesses, doing an extremely important job for us.  

Technically speaking, Marketing is a sub-team within Pre-Construction, as it is a business development-related activity. The Marketing function supports our tenders; manages our social media platforms; creates content; publishes news; administrates our websites; oversees, develops and protects our creative assets, and, from time to time, embarks on larger projects such as a full group re-brand.