About us



Our mission across Enable is underpinned by our five values, which you can click on each icon to find more about. We encourage all colleagues to take ownership of their work, individually making a positive difference every day. We look after each other, keeping everyone safe. We constantly seek to improve what we do. We actively aim for the most productive and efficient ways of working. Most importantly we promote the power of working and collaborating together, in our teams, among our leaders, and with our customers & stakeholders.

  • Productivity & Efficiency

  • Safety & Wellbeing

  • Proactive ownership mindset

  • Collaboration

  • Continuous improvement

Who we are

Our mission at Enable, is to create infrastructure solutions with lasting community value.  

Creating solutions that make infrastructure possible is the lifeblood of what we do. Whether that be construction, engineering, design, resourcing, hire, or welfare. We are dedicated to advancing our capabilities and capacities for better, safer, more efficient and effective infrastructure. We pride ourselves on a history that spans nearly four decades across rail, road, power, and utilities. We embrace the future as we pioneer new technologies and enter new markets.  

We do what we do because infrastructure, to us, enables lives. It enables access to opportunity and necessity. It enables access to the activities and the people we love. It fosters development and progress in every aspect of life – social, cultural, scientific, economic, technological, and personal. We believe in the transformative power of infrastructure, not just after it’s delivered, but from its inception.

At Enable we see the whole value chain of infrastructure, from beginning to end, and the multiplicity of wealth this provides a community. Be those new employment opportunities, investment in skills & training, upholding the highest safety standards or innovating sustainability practices. We care about equipping individuals and communities with both the tangible and intangible for future generations to come. We care about the legacy we build – lasting community value matters to us. 

Enable is a family of high-performing teams. Individually, we are sector specialists and experts, that unite as a ‘Team of Teams’ with complete infrastructure solutions. Through this collective approach, we benefit the infrastructure needs and requirements of a range of communities, clients and customers.  

Enable Infrastructure brings dynamic energy, deep expertise and extensive experience to infrastructure projects, helping clients make a success of the most complex, multi-disciplinary projects.

Enable Hire possess the knowledge and inventory when you need the plant and tools to get the job done.

Enable Welfare are the experts in the hire of low and zero-carbon welfare equipment and units.

Enable Design specialises in high-quality, bespoke civil and electrical engineering design, crafting inventive solutions for clients across multiple sectors.

Enable Resourcing offers a recruitment service second to none, bringing together highly competent candidates with top-quality infrastructure employers whilst delivering a social-value impact. 

Enable is here to serve you and your community through high-quality infrastructure.  

We are Enable. A Team of Teams that, together, enable the possible.