Celebrating an Inspiring Journey through Enable’s Construkt Programme

Celebrating an Inspiring Journey through Enable’s Construkt Programme

14 December 2023

We’re celebrating the culmination of an extraordinary week of learning and exploration as we wrap up Enable‘s partnership with Serious About Youth (SAY) ‘Construkt’ programme.

This unique initiative, held in late October, immersed young participants in the fascinating world of construction and engineering. From captivating presentations to hands-on activities, the programme ignited a passion for these fields among our aspiring professionals.

Our journey began with Anastasia Kraitsik, a design engineer who shared her career journey and insights into the world of engineering and design. Her enthusiasm and expertise inspired our young participants, nurturing their interest in pursuing a career in this exciting area.

Next, we embarked on an enriching site tour of Network Rail’s roof refurbishment project at Waterloo Station. Guided by the Scheme Project Manager, Hashim Shaikh, our young people gained firsthand insights into the challenges and rewards of delivering a project of this scale. The tour ignited their curiosity and fuelled their determination to make a mark in the construction industry.

Katherine Wiscombe, a structural engineer, captivated our group with her passion and expertise. Her presentation showcased the intricate workings of structural engineering, highlighting the pivotal role of this profession in shaping the world around us.

To further enhance their understanding of construction, the group engaged in the Go Construct bridge-building challenge. This hands-on exercise fostered teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic thinking, while also demonstrating the practical applications of construction concepts.

In preparation for their upcoming construction activity, we invited a carpenter to provide our young participants with essential safety knowledge. This practical session reinforced the importance of safety protocols, ensuring their well-being while they engage in hands-on construction projects.

The Construkt Programme has already yielded remarkable outcomes. One participant has secured a position with Enable, and two others are in the pipeline. We’re incredibly proud of the positive impact this initiative has had on the lives of these young individuals.

As we reflect on the experiences shared during the programme, we’re full of gratitude for the opportunity to support the development of our aspiring engineers and construction professionals.

A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this programme happen. Wates Group for supporting throughout, Scott Parnell Ltd for the timber donation, Laing O’Rourke for PPE, Honor Hutson, and Jonathan Nelson for the workshop/speaker support, Kathleen O’MalleyEleni Tsatlidou and Ujjal Khalique for the site visit and of course Rommell Wallace, Paul Matthews and Shehkinah from Serious about Youth for collaborating with us!