📣Teamwork Saves the Day📣

📣Teamwork Saves the Day📣

10 May 2023

We are proud to share the following recent stories where teams working on Enable projects demonstrated real humanity, truly embodying our core values:

🤝Helping an Elderly Gentleman

A team from our supply chain were working on our 3rd Party Tree Removal project for Transport for Wales when they saw an elderly gentleman in need . He was wearing many clothes on a warm day and seemed lost walking the track.

The team quickly assessed the situation and took action to ensure his safety. They contacted the police and escorted the gentleman off the tracks. A local neighbour also assisted by providing seating for the gentleman. The team gave him water and made sure he was comfortable.

🧒Troughing Team Assists Lost Child

It was 4am on a cold and rainy April morning when a team arrived at Treherbert train station car park being due to inspect the tracks. As they were leaving the van, they saw a small child sitting on the ground, crying. The child was soaked to the bone, with no shoes or socks on.

The team immediately rushed over and checked to ensure they were warm and unharmed. They then rang the police and searched the area for the child’s parents. When the police arrived, they reunited the child with her parents, who were very grateful for the team’s help.

👥Teamwork Makes a Difference

These incidents were a reminder that no two days are the same and that it is important to be prepared to help others in need – often at a moment’s notice.

Both teams’ quick thinking and actions ensured the safety of the elderly gentleman and the lost child. They showed great care, awareness and compassion and are a living example of our core values. In particular Safety & Wellbeing, Proactive Ownership Mindset, and Collaboration.

We are proud of their conduct and initiative. We encourage others to follow the team’s example and to help those in need.

If you see someone who is lost or confused, please don’t hesitate to offer help. You could save a life.